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Build A Successful Career As An Independent Musician In The Digital Era
Musician Accelerator
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  • Lifetime Access to the Musician Accelerator
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  • ​Mentorship through Weekly Live Calls
  • ​Video Production Bonus Course
  • ​Music Production Bonus Course
  • ​Songwriting 101 Bonus Course
Introducing the Musician Accelerator
The Musician Accelerator is a proven 6 week online program that teaches you how to start a successful career as an independent musician in the new industry with the most up to date strategies. 

This program is made up of video lessons that you can take at your own pace. There is also access to our private support community and weekly Q&A calls. 

It doesn't matter if you're a solo musician, band, singer, or even an instrumentalist. The strategies in this program teach you step-by-step how to grow a following of loyal fans around your talents and passions, as well as monetize to make music a full time career. 
The Step-By-Step Strategies And Results
The strategies in this program are the same ones that have taken my brand to over 1.5 million subscribers and 400 million views on YouTube, as well as over 1 million songs sold and 3 nationwide headline tours, all without a label, or representation.

I see so many musicians out there with great music and talent not getting the recognition they deserve. That's why I decided to give back what I've learned and build this program. I wish I had a mentor to speed up the process to get the results I've achieved over the past 10 years of trial and error. This program is my passion project and I am excited to help those succeed as independent musicians today! 

What's Inside the Musician Accelerator Program?
Lifetime access to all video lessons that you can take at your own pace, at any time! Updated every year as the industry evolves.
Meet Your Teacher, Dave Days!
Dave Days is an independent musician and entertainer from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who began his internet journey in 2008 where he quickly became one of the most popular channels on YouTube after posting his life online through music and video.

Dave got his first acoustic guitar (thanks Dad!) when he was just 5 years old. After playing in bands and recording local bands around the West Chester, PA area throughout middle school and high school, he began focusing on building his YouTube channel. Using his music & video production knowledge and charismatic personality, he built his channel to 1.5 million subscribers with over 360 million views. His social platforms altogether reach over 2 million people. He landed and lived at the #1 Musician (All Time) spot on the YouTube charts throughout 2010 and 2011, ahead of all major label Vevo channels.

Dave has collaborated with many household brands such as Sony, Kellogs, GE, Carl's Jr, Nestle & more! He headlined the now largest social media tour, "The DigiTour", two years in a row. Dave was nominated for a Teen Choice Award as "Choice Web Star". With over 10 years experience in the digital space, he is now devoting his time to helping others grow successful brands as musicians in the new industry.

What's Inside Each Week Of The Program?
Lifetime access to all of the weeks that you can take at your own pace at anytime! Updated every year.
Week One: Build the Foundation
In week one, build the foundation, we reverse engineer what it takes to truly become successful in the new industry. Thanks to internet, there is a whole world of opportunity, but where do you start? 

In this week you discover your niche, so you can capitalize on your talents and passions and really understand who your fans are. This is extremely important because it will allow you to market yourself directly to those people who will love your music and content the most!
Week Two: Viral Takeover
In week two, viral takeover, Dave shows you how to come up with viral videos targeted to your niche, so you that you can take your audience to new heights and build an engaged audience, excited for your content!

In this week we cover how you can put your own spin on popular trends, the power of covers, as well as how to collaborate with other artists and creators to share audiences. 

Week Three: Spotify Secrets
In week three, Spotify Secrets, we cover the strategies working right now to grow your streams and followers on Spotify. First we will get your account verified, and show you how to look like a leader in your niche through bulletproof branding.

We show you how to understand your audience through fan insights.

From there, we dive into how you can land on playlists, ranging from your fans playlists, to playlists with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers. Your chances of landing on playlists will dramatically increase. 
Week Four: Money Mastery
In week four, money mastery, Dave goes over all the ways you can make money with, not just your music, but also your following as well!

We talk about all the ways you can monetize your songs from simply registering with a PRO, to setting up your Content ID system so that you can make money from other people uploading your music. 

Dave also goes over how you can monetize your audience from affiliate links, merch and even brand deals! Have your favorite brands or companies pay YOU to promote their products.

Week Five: Marketing Funnels
Learn how you can exchange free value to potential fans (it can be a free song download or whatever you'd like!) in exchange for their e-mail. This helps you build your e-mail subscribers which you will learn are one of your biggest assets as you grow your audience.

I'll be showing you these amazing funnels you can pre-load into your accounts to start selling more merch (new and old) to generate some series sales. By using "upsells", we can sell multiple products to our fans the moment they decide they want to make a purchase. This is going to change how you view selling merch!
Week Six: Advertising & Automation
In week six, advertising and automation, Dave shows you how you can grow your e-mail list by offering your fans a free track! 

Dave also shows you how you can e-mail your audience to grow an engaged fan base with the most control. Subscribers are great, but with the changing algorithms, you NEED to be building your e-mail list! 

Dave also dives into Facebook Ads as well as YouTube AdWords so that you can grow your audience and followers using targeted strategies to find your true fans who just haven't heard about you yet.

Included Bonus Courses to Sharpen Your Skills
Lifetime access to all of the weeks that you can take at your own pace at anytime! Updated every year.
Bonus Course: Video Production
In this video production bonus course, we go over all the tools you need to create amazing looking videos even if you're on a budget. 

We cover how you can produce simple vlogs, to story line style music videos. Included are worksheets to help you brainstorm and plan your videos so you are stress free when you start filming. 

Dave also goes into his editing software to show you how he cuts his clips to flow with his songs. 
Bonus Course: Music Production
In this music production bonus course, we dive into Dave's session templates for his songs so you can see exactly how he records, mixes and masters his music step-by-step. With nearly 5 hours of videos alone, you will have access to the strategies and tricks Dave uses so that you can take your mixes to the next level!

Bonuses, included in this week are Dave's actual Pro Tools Templates so you can easily dive into the exact sessions he uses, as well as plugin templates so you can easily implement them into your own mixes.

Bonus Course: Songwriting 101
In Songwriting 101, we are going to show you a step-by-step process to creating amazing original songs. 

We then dive into exercises to show you how to come up with killer song titles so you can write around a specific topic. From there we help arrange the chords for your song, then cover how to come up with catchy melodies. We then give you a blueprint for coming up with lyrics that take what's inside, and put it into your new original song.

Included, are tracks of chord progressions you can write on top of!
Our Passionate & Driven Community
You are not alone in your journey! We are with you every step of the way as you break barriers and hit new benchmarks for yourself.
Private Support Community
Get 24/7 access to our private support community on Facebook where myself, other mentors, as well as the other students going through the program are here to help you as you go through each of the lessons! 

Post what you're working on or any questions you have as you've been going through the program!
Weekly Live Q&A Calls
Each week you can hop on to our weekly Q&A call live stream where you can go over any issues you're having 1-on-1 with Dave as you go through the program. 

You have the ability to hop on video chat directly with Dave so you can go over anything you're working on!

Enroll in the Musician Accelerator Program to Get Started Immediately! 
Follow the step-by-step lessons in each week to grow your career confidently in the new industry. 
Musician Accelerator
  4.9 Stars 235 Ratings
  • Lifetime Access to the Musician Accelerator
  • ​24/7 Private Community Access
  • ​Mentorship through Weekly Live Calls
  • ​Video Production Bonus Course
  • ​Music Production Bonus Course
  • ​Songwriting 101 Bonus Course
What Our Students Are Saying
"We've been a band for about 4 or 5 years now, so there's a lot that we've learned but, what we really did not know and needed help on were things like how does Spotify work. Like, how do you get on playlists? How can we become a successful musicians in 2019?

Some of the results that we've seen since joining the Musician Accelerator is all of our social media accounts, the followers, have risen quiet significantly. He teaches you how to do that on a budget using different strategies that are really going to help you grow with real accounts. 

Another thing is he taught us how to do videos on a budget that you don't need a major production to have a great viral quality content. So we put out a Senses Fail cover that ended up getting really good traction and was on a Kerrang magazine playlist as well as Senses Fail reposted it themselves. So we got great, great reactions out of that and that was all because of the Musician Accelerator!"
-Christina from Forever Starts Today
-Cody, from Ontario, Canada
"If you're basically like me who was struggling to even put a sound on the computer, I could barely make a cover, let alone an original. I would just upload on youtube and hope I would get the views, because I didn't know how to market my stuff, didn't know how to upload to iTunes or Spotify. I'd put my videos on youtube and hope for the best. 

Now, Dave has taught me how to mange my social media, he's taught me how to make money off my songs, actually produce songs, record songs, and engineer them all myself! 

I was blown away with how much he actually teaches you. I get paid monthly from iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. I have over 200,000 views on YouTube, which isn't a lot, but for someone who just started, it's pretty insane! If you're a solo artist like me, I highly recommend checking it out. He teaches you everything!"
"I believe, because of a mix of the successes I saw while I was still in Cabin Pressure, and the successes that my friends have had that I've noticed throughout my time here in this program that, it gives me the confidence for what ever project I start next, what ever the next step in my music career is, that I'm going to have a a head start on basically everything about being an independent musician in the  modern era. 

Basically no other program that I can think of actually will teach you all the comprehensive tools about being a modern independent musician from music production, music video production, social media engagement, money mastery, everything Dave covers, you're only going to be able to find in smaller sections of other programs. He covers everything, all in one. I mean, you really can't beat that at this point. A lot of what he's teaching, a lot of people aren't doing yet so I would give you a hard100% yes on my recommendation."

-Josh from Cabin Pressure
-Tori from Los Angeles, California
"I took Dave's 4 part video series and learned so much! I was amazing by everything that it taught and how quickly it helped grow my following on Facebook so i decide to take the leap and sign up for his Musician Accelerator program and it blew my mind!

The Spotify week is crazy! We gained so many new followers, our plays have been consistently rising.

And also from a merch standpoint, we got our EP printed and we were able to sell it for profit to people who had never even heard our band before we started to run the funnels, so it was really exciting. We sold a lot of CDs and we now have new listeners all over and it's all thanks to everything Dave taught in Musician Accelerator so thank you Dave!" 
"The thing that I have found the most successful and valuable so far is using the Facebook ads and boosting Facebook posts for a few dollars a day and developing a growing fanbase from people all over the world that are enjoying and sharing my music. 

I like the fact that Dave has a weekly Facebook live meeting where you can ask specific questions, discuss your progress, provide some accountability for yourself. Dave's a great guy. He's always available for guidance on your specific questions so I'm enjoying the process and obviously have got a lot to learn. So if you're an independent musician, what ever level you're at looking to take the next step to getting more visibility, I would highly recommend the program!" 
-Gerry from Winnipeg, Canada
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is This Program Built For?
This program is built for musicians, bands, solo artists, singers, and instrumentalists. It shows you the unique types of content and monetization strategies to build a successful career, even if you're just an instrumentalist! Did you know there's music on Spotify of just guitar music with millions of plays each month? No matter what stage you are at, the value and insight you will receive will be well worth it.
Can This Program Help Me Promote My Original Music?
Absolutely! This program shows you how to grow an audience of true fans using various strategies, ranging from unique types of content, paid traffic, to e-mail list growing strategies. As your numbers grow, and you implement the strategies in this program, you will be able to promote your music repeatedly to get consistent sales and listens. 
Do I Need My Own Original Music To Join?
No! If you're a musician without any music yet, that is totally fine! As long as you are a musician with the talent and passion, you'll be perfect. The program is built to show you how to not just sharpen your production skills and mindset, but also how to grow an audience using various types of strategies that have allowed me to grow to over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone. With these strategies, you can then implement my monetization strategies to start making money, even without your own originals! If you do have your own originals or albums, that's just a plus, and this program will definitely help.
Is The Program Exactly Six Weeks Or Can I Go At My Own Pace?
The program is built as a series of videos you can watch at your own pace. There is no need to complete the program in six weeks, it's just organized that way so you know what to go over first. You can jump from any section you please depending on what section applies most to the stage you are at. The moment you enroll, you have lifetime access to all the lessons and can start however you choose!
What If I Join The Program, But Want A Refund?
If you join the program and for some reason find it isn't for you and you'd like a refund, we offer a 365 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is show us that you went through the program, as well as the worksheets, and show us that you didn't see any results and we will give you a full refund! Just reach out to with your request. 
Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?  

Contact us directly by sending an email to
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Try the program risk free! If you don't see any results, ask for a refund within 365 days and we'll refund you in full.
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